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Denture Care and Maintenance Tips for New Wearers

Dentures not only take a bit of getting used to, but figuring out how to care for and maintain them can be a learning curve as well. However, once you do grow accustomed to your full or partial dentures, you'll find them to be a great replacement for missing teeth.

Northern Denture Clinic is a Whitehorse denture clinic that has almost 30 years of experience providing denture services in the Yukon. Here are some care and maintenance tips that we've seen work for our patients:

Be patient as you adjust to eating with your dentures
In the first few days you may find it a little strange to eat with your new dentures. Your best course of action will be to practice some patience, take smaller bites than you normally would, and select foods that are easy to chew such as yogurt, eggs, fish, and soft vegetables. You will slowly get used to eating with your dentures, and, after a few weeks, chewing should feel much more natural again.

Stay hydrated to avoid dry mouth
If your mouth is too dry, then you may find that it gets more easily irritated. Dry mouth, which occurs occasionally in denture wearers, can also be a contributing factor to infections and tooth decay. You can easily promote the production of saliva by staying well-hydrated.

Brush your dentures and your gums
Both your dentures and your gums need to be brushed in order to remove bacteria from their surfaces. Brushing dentures also helps to keep them from staining. Brush gently with a soft-bristled brush to avoid damaging the surface of your dentures and irritating sensitive gum tissue.

Take your dentures out when you sleep

Dentures should spend at least 6-8 hours out of your mouth every day, and the perfect time for this is while you are sleeping. If left in for too long, dentures can cause irritation and soreness.

Soak your dentures daily
Dentures should also be soaked daily, either in a special denture cleaner or in another solution recommended by your denturist, such as warm water and vinegar. It is recommended that you let your dentures soak while you sleep.

Have your dentures professionally cleaned on a regular basis

On top of cleaning and caring for your dentures yourself, you should also have them cleaned on a regular basis by a professional denturist. Regular cleanings help prevent the growth of bacteria and keep your dentures looking white.

Your Denture Clinic in Whitehorse, Yukon
When it comes to tooth replacement options, many people still choose dentures over implants because they are more affordable and better suited for certain oral and dental health conditions. If you're looking for denture services in the Yukon, then look no further than Northern Denture Clinic in Whitehorse.

At Northern Denture Clinic we offer full and partial dentures, and are committed to providing personalized, attentive care for all of our patient's needs. Contact us today to book an appointment for a consultation or a cleaning.

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