Dentures in Whitehorse Yukon

How to Tell When Your Dentures Need Adjusting

Denture adjustments in Whitehorse are a routine part of good denture maintenance. Adjustments are more likely to be needed in the first few months after getting dentures, but may be required later on as well. In order to ensure a good denture fit and to maintain oral health, you'll want to have your dentures regularly adjusted at a Whitehorse denture clinic such as Northern Denture Clinic.

Why Dentures Sometimes Need Adjusting
When made by a qualified professional at a Whitehorse denture clinic, dentures fit precisely to the contours of the gums and mouth. These oral structures provide the dentures with support, allowing them to function as intended.

Over time, however, the contours of the mouth can change. This is especially true in the case of a toothless or partially toothless jaw. Without the support of the teeth, the bones underneath the gums can change and shrink. This impacts the way that dentures fit, leading to the need for denture adjustments in Whitehorse.

Signs Your Dentures Need to Be Adjusted
One of the main signs that your dentures need to be adjusted is if they seem to be starting to move around in your mouth. Dentures are meant to have an exact fit or else they can't work as intended. If your dentures seem loose, then it's time to visit a Whitehorse denture clinic.

Loose dentures can begin to make clicking noises while you chew and speak that they didn't make before. They may also start slipping during everyday use, and won't hold in place without the use of denture adhesive.

Even if you don't notice that your dentures are getting loose, the slightest change in how they fit can begin to cause gum and mouth irritation. If you begin noticing sore spots and inflammation in your mouth, don't try persevering and toughing it out. The irritation will only get worse as your dentures get looser.

Other common signs that you should visit a denture clinic in Whitehorse include difficulty with chewing foods that didn't used to present a problem, changes in the way you speak, and a development of jaw pain.

Denture Adjustments in Whitehorse
If your dentures are showing the above signs, or any other signs which you think may indicate that they need to be adjusted, then you should get them looked at by a trained denturist as soon as possible.

Ill-fitting dentures are not only an inconvenience, they can lead to the development of oral health problems as well. Gum irritation can turn into very painful sores, and the increased pressure placed by loose dentures on certain areas of your mouth can accelerate bone loss.

For denture adjustments in Whitehorse, look no further than Northern Denture Clinic. Our denture clinic can promptly and professionally handle any needed denture adjustments or repairs to ensure a precise fit. Your oral health and comfort are important to us.

Contact Northern Denture Clinic in Whitehorse today to schedule an appointment for a denture adjustment.

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