Mouth guards in Whitehorse Yukon

Mouth Guards: For More Than Just Sports

Mouth guards, which essentially consist of two protective trays that cover your top and your bottom teeth, are a great dental tool for numerous different situations. There are two main types of mouth guards in Whitehorse: sports mouth guards and night mouth guards. The highest-quality mouth guards are available at denture clinics such as Northern Denture Clinic.

A denturist can provide you with a custom-made mouth guard that it made to fit your unique bite. Stock, pre-formed mouth guards that you can buy off store shelves will rarely fit as they should to do the job right. Boil-and-bite mouth guards can provide a better fit, but still won't be as durable or as protective as a custom-made one.

Mouth guards are commonly used during contact sports. Custom-made sports mouth guards in Whitehorse offer much more comfort and protection than store-bought ones, helping to avoid dental emergencies such as broken or knocked-out teeth. If you take part in contact sports or if you have children who do, a sports mouth guard can be an excellent investment.

It is also highly recommended by dentists and denturists that mouth guards be worn during non-contact sports or any activities where falls or impact may occur, especially if you have bridgework, braces, or any other fixed oral appliance. Gymnastics, skateboarding, mountain biking, and other recreational activities come with risks which can be reduced by wearing a mouth guard.

Aside from use in sports and recreational activities, many people require mouth guards that they can wear while they sleep. Night mouth guards are commonly used in Whitehorse for a condition known as bruxism. Sleep bruxism is characterised by unconscious clenching, grinding, and gnashing of the teeth.

Mild bruxism often doesn't require treatment, but, when more severe, bruxism can cause numerous problems. People who clench and grind their teeth at night may experience more headaches and jaw disorders. Frequent bruxism can eventually cause damage to the teeth.

While there is no guaranteed way to stop bruxism, as it can be brought on by a variety of factors, a night mouth guard can help to alleviate the symptoms which accompany it. Though you will likely still grind your teeth, the mouth guard will prevent tooth damage and take pressure off your jaw, decreasing jaw pain and headaches.

Night mouth guards differ significantly from custom-made sports mouth guards in Whitehorse. Not only are they made using different materials, but a night mouth guard will not be as thick as a mouth guard intended for sports so as to be more comfortable. An off-the-shelf sports mouth guard is no replacement for a custom-made night mouth guard.

At Northern Denture Clinic, we provide both sports mouth guards and night mouth guards for our Whitehorse patients. Our top priority is creating quality products that will help protect your teeth whether you are playing sports or snoozing away in bed.

Get in touch with Northern Denture Clinic today if you'd like to schedule an appointment to discuss your custom mouth guard options.

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