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To learn more about dentures, read our denture blog! At Northern Denture Clinic, we strive to educate our Yukon patients on denture care and maintenance. Our denture blog will include new tips, information, and advice. Check back often for new posts or give us a call today to schedule an appointment!

  • Dentures in Whitehorse Yukon
    How to Tell When Your Dentures Need Adjusting

    Denture adjustments in Whitehorse are a routine part of good denture maintenance. Adjustments are more likely to be needed in the first few months after getting dentures, but may be required later on as well. In order to ensure a good denture fit and to maintain oral health, you'll want to have your dentures regularly adjusted at a Whitehorse denture clinic such as Northern Denture Clinic.

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  • Elderly Woman
    Denture Care and Maintenance Tips for New Wearers

    Dentures not only take a bit of getting used to, but figuring out how to care for and maintain them can be a learning curve as well. However, once you do grow accustomed to your full or partial dentures, you'll find them to be a great replacement for missing teeth.

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  • Mouth guards in Whitehorse Yukon
    Mouth Guards: For More Than Just Sports

    Mouth guards, which essentially consist of two protective trays that cover your top and your bottom teeth, are a great dental tool for numerous different situations. There are two main types of mouth guards in Whitehorse: sports mouth guards and night mouth guards. The highest-quality mouth guards are available at denture clinics such as Northern Denture Clinic.

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