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This is where esthetic brilliance meets function. The Biofunctional Prosthetic System is transforming the way we see dentures.

BPS Dentures in Whitehorse

A BPS denture is the result of a coordinated system of products, instruments, set-up techniques and training which are available exclusively to certified BPS centers.

The Goal

The goal of BPS is to provide what is best for patients using the instrumentation, training and materials necessary to create the highest quality dentures available.

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Why BPS?

From initial impressions to final delivery, BPS in Whitehorse is a revolutionary, controlled technical system where Accu-Gel impressions make the finest, most infinite detail and accuracy. During bite registration, the Gnathometer pin tracer allows patients free centric occlusion. This exactly balanced occlusion registration can then be transferred to the Stratos 300 articulator with UTS Facebow exactly as it was taken intra-orally. Once oriented precisely, the maxilla-mandibular arrangement of teeth are enhanced by the beauty of true anatomical surfaces and layered shading of the Ivoclar DCL teeth.

Finally, the exacting fit and biocompatibility are unsurpassed. Using the Ivocap system, every outcome is predictable, requiring little or no adjustment. After placement, every NDC patient is followed up to ensure complete satisfaction.

With BPS, dentures are made to the most exacting standards, taking into consideration the unique requirements of each patient. We are proud to be a BPS-certified clinic and laboratory.

How It's Done

The BPS system is made up of 4 components:


Facebow:A facebow transfer is taken to record the orientation of the maxilla to the terminal hinge axis. This provides the same relative opening axis on the articulator as the mandible has to the T.M.J.



Articulator:The Stratos 300 is an individually adjustable articulator built accordingly to the Campers plane. The device is suitable to simulate different human jaw relationships with the protrustion angle and the Bennett angle able to be set individually. Furthermore, a retrusive movement of 35° as well as an immediate side shift are integrated into the Stratos 300.


Teeth:Ivoclar Vivadent anterior teeth come in 29 different upper moulds and are a reflection of their natural models. The key to natural esthetics and beauty lies in their asymmetry. The posteriors are specially designed to achieve lingualized occlusion.


SR Ivocap

SR Ivocap:This continuous injection denture processing system controls polymerization to compensate for occurring shrinkage. The resulting fit allows for no increase in vertical dimension. The acrylics are pre-measured and mechanically mixed, giving a uniform homogenous quality of material.

In addition to these four cornerstones, we at NDC take gothic arch pin tracer bite records, and use the Accu-Gel two-stage impression system.

Natural looking restorations will give you a good reason to smile! and check out the other services we have to offer.Call NDC today.


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