Get Stable Dentures Over Implants at Whitehorse’s NDC

If you have grossly resorbed ridges and find it difficult to wear complete or partial dentures, the dentures over implants Whitehorse is buzzing about may be a solution. A consultation with the team at NDC will determine if they are an option for you. An implant-supported denture is primarily used for people who are missing teeth but do have a strong enough jawbone to support implants. Special attachments connect the dentures to the implants, which create a more stable foundation compared to adhesives used with other types of dentures. Dentures over implants are more commonly made for the lower jaw, but they can be made for the upper jaw as well. 

The Benefits of Dentures Over Implants

When you wear dentures, you may find yourself eating and speaking very carefully. You may also worry about slippage or your appearance.

Dentures over implants can certainly alleviate some of these concerns. They have many advantages over traditional dentures, including: 

  • Superior esthetics
  • More stability during eating
  • Increases your confidence
  • Decreased gum tissue shrinkage
  • Less food seepage under the denture
  • A feeling close to that of one's natural teeth
  • Slows bone loss by stimulating your jawbone
  • Since you can chew your food better, you absorb more nutrients

At NDC, we work closely with dental practitioners to ensure that the placement of your dentures achieves remarkable results. Call today to learn more about dentures over implants in Whitehorse.
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