Protect Your Teeth: Sports Mouth Guards in Whitehorse

Sports Mouth Guards

If you are an active member of our athletic community, then a custom mouth guard is an investment worth making. With dental research suggesting that the cost of rehabilitating one broken tooth can be a staggering $20,000 over one's lifetime, it just makes sense for us to encourage a preventive approach.

We understand that many athletes feel comfortable with store-bought sports mouth guards. The problem with these appliances is that they are designed from a "one size fits all" perspective. They do not offer adequate protection or reinforcement against tooth breakage, tissue damage or worse: concussion. To avoid these dangers, we now realize that adequate thickness over occlusal surfaces is needed to absorb impact. The only way to achieve this is by lamination.

Athletes often go without oral protection altogether because their experience has been that mouth guards only hinder breathing and speech and are an uncomfortable inconvenience. At NDC, we process our custom sports mouth guards in Whitehorse we process our custom mouth guards using the Biostar laminating machine to ensure that these negative effects are eradicated.

A custom-fit sports mouth guard promotes oxygenation, elocution and personalized protection. It will adapt itself perfectly to the normal movements of the mouth and will be much more comfortable than anything an athlete can find in the sporting goods aisle. Because of proper bite registration, this device has an excellent fit, perfectly suited for shock absorption.

And because NDC's mouth guards come in an array of colours and designs, athletes can really show off their team spirit!

Let's encourage our territory's competitors to play well and play safe.

Night Mouth Guards

Night mouth guards, similar to sports guards, may be necessary for those patients who grind their teeth at night (called bruxism). Overnight teeth grinding can, over time, result in considerable damage to your teeth. A night guard prevents this damage and does not disturb sleep. Call NDC if you have questions about night or sports mouth guards in Whitehorse.

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