Denture Same-Day Relining in Whitehorse

If you are experiencing prolonged discomfort or any other problems with your dentures, please visit your denturist at NDC as soon as possible. We offer denture same-day relining in Whitehorse so you do not have to go days without your dentures. Relining is common for patients who have immediate dentures, tooth loss, weight loss or bone loss. Your bite position and denture base should still be in good shape in order for this procedure to take place. New acrylic base material will be added to the surface of your dentures to improve their suction and stability. The appearance of your dentures will remain the same, but they should fit much better. Dentures should be relined every two to
three years.

When Do You Need a Rebase?
If your dentures are broken, weakened or older, your denturist will typically perform a rebase. This procedure replaces all of the pink acrylic base material of your dentures in order to improve their shape, structure and/or coloring. A rebase rebuilds the supporting tissue and repositions the denture's position in your mouth. If you have immediate dentures, have undergone a drastic weight loss or are experiencing gum or bone shrinkage as you age, you will need this procedure. Your teeth will not be impacted, but if they are in bad shape you may need to
have new dentures made instead. 

Call NDC for same-day, chairside rebase and relining in Whitehorse.

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