Need Dentures Repaired in Whitehorse?

You're going about your day and decide to grab some lunch. You are enjoying your meal when you bite down on a hard piece of food and hear the unmistakable sound of a crack. What do you do? You head over to NDC of course! With our denture repairs and denture adjustments in Whitehorse, you can rest assured we will be there for you whenever an accident occurs.

Common denture repairs include cracks, a missing tooth or missing teeth and broken clasps. Your Whitehorse denturist will handle the repairs with or without an impression, depending on the severity of the damage. We are able to perform many repairs, from minor to major.

Denture Adjustments
Your dentures may fit well for years before you start to notice some discomfort. As you age, your mouth changes when your gum ridges and bones begin to shrink. Your dentures can become loose, which means they will need to be adjusted. The importance of well-fitting dentures cannot be understated. If your dentures do not fit right, you could experience painful sores along your gums and the inability to chew your food thoroughly. This is very dangerous and could also impact your health because you are not digesting food properly. Whenever your dentures do not feel comfortable or you notice the fit feels different, do not delay – come in to NDC denture services in Whitehorse right away and we will help you.

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