Whitehorse Denture Wearers Love Valplast® Flexible Partials

Valplast® piece

If you are looking for an alternative to metal wires, hooks and clasps, Valplast is the way to go. Let's talk esthetics. So many patients feel limited, and even uncomfortable, about showing off a wonderful smile when their partials display unattractive bits of metal. Made with nylons that allow for a beautiful translucency while eliminating metal components altogether, the Valplast Flexible Partial is almost impossible to detect in the mouth. Patients will find this prosthesis very easy to wear, and will recognize that standing teeth are safe from drawbacks such as enamel breakdown that results from the presence of metal denture elements in the mouth.

Due to its flexibility, this denture allows for movement and does not possess blunt ridges that can be painful to the gums and oral tissues. Patients will eventually forget that they are wearing a denture - and that is exactly the goal.

Clean, long lasting, and affordable, the Valplast partial denture is a very practical option for those looking to rebuild their smiles.

Quite possibly one of the best features of this denture is the fact that it is unbreakable. With Valplast, you have an opportunity to experience real comfort and confidence in your prosthesis.

  • Cosmetically elegant - no metal clasps

  • Metal free - monomer free - acrylic free

  • Teeth can be added to Valplast Partials

  • Valplast Partials can be rebased/relined

  • Non-invasive clinical procedure

  • 100% guarantee against fracture in normal use

Fitting Your Schedule

At NDC, "we're flexible." And we know that fitting appointments into your busy schedule can sometimes be difficult. But thanks to Valplast, appointments are quick and simple. Here's how it will look...

  • Appointment 1: Impressions

  • Appointment 2: Bite

  • Appointment 3: Try-in

  • Appointment 4: Placement


A few days after your denture has been placed, we will schedule a follow-up appointment to ensure that you're doing well.

Occasionally, an additional try-in appointment is required to ensure esthetic and technical soundness.

Scheduling may vary depending on the client. It is not uncommon for patients to have fewer than the standard 4 appointments.

NDC offers complimentary consultations. If you would like more information on Valplast, or any of our other services, we would be happy to help. Contact us today.

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