Why Come to Whitehorse for Dentures?

  1. We can help you with accommodation bookings.
  2. To minimize your stay, we can expedite your treatment and offer you same day or 2- 3-day service, depending on treatment required.
  3. If you need to see a dentist for tooth extraction, we can arrange your dentist’s appointment to coordinate with your schedule.

Come to NDC because...

  1. We do everything in-house. Our technicians use state-of-the-art equipment and are trained in the latest techniques.
  2. Our front office staff are most friendly and efficient.
  3. We use the finest premium teeth and acrylics.
  4. Every denture is personalized to reflect your individual requirements.
  5. Each denture looks so real that it is assumed they are your own natural teeth.

Denture Repairs for Whitehorse

If you live in Whitehorse, Denture Services are available here at NDC. Call today for your denture repairs, cleaning, adjustment and free consultation.

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